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Trend of Gender Hybridity

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When a person experiences gender ambiguity, he/she is highly aware of his/her gender, he/she IS curious and suspicious of his/her body. Men shall pose questions about why their physiology is different from that of women and may wonder about what it would be like to possess female sensibility and features.Many men gain satisfaction in adolescence by trying on female dresses, although they fear ridicule. Meanwhile, women may achieve mental balance and overcome “castration anxiety” by cross dressing in public.

It is a fact that men and women both have male and female hormones. Due to differing ratios of the hormones, there arise differences in gender. In the case of some individuals, the ratio of male and female hormones is different. In these cases, men exhibit more female features and women demonstrate more male characteristics. This demonstrates that between male and female there exists a gender spectrum. Each person occupies a particular position within this spectrum and each individual is thus unique in minute details.

Maggie Reys, a famous American female biologist at Massachusetts State University has written in her “Mysterious Dance --- Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior” that “There are billions of multiplying cells with kernels in our bodies which reveals the fact that we are androgenic in genes and a mixture of both sexes… From this perspective, we can take ourselves as bi-sexual and androgenic with sexes confused.”

Almost all ancient fairy tales and religions believe that the earliest gods and humans were androgynous beings who later developed into mono-sexual entities. In Latin, the word "Sex" evolved from “secus” derived from the root word “seco” meaning to divide and separate. Many ancient Buddhist statues are entities with androgenic qualities and bi-sexual organs.


Gender differences are historically derived from the bifurcation of sexual identity. In primitive societies, men and women developed different sexual characteristics in response to survival needs and adaptation to harsh environment. These included divisions of labor and roles. As the need for men to use labor power is reduced and the need for security in tribal life disappears in today’s cities, both men and women can respond better to further development equipped with both gender identity and self-understanding.

Psychological studies demonstrate that human feelings and mental states have bi-sexual tendencies. Features of the opposite sex existing within everyone guarantee harmony and understanding between the sexes. These mutually complimentary features make relationship more stable. For example, when men are very angry, the tolerance of women prevents war from breaking out. When women lose their temper, the tolerance of men tempers emotional entanglements. When an intense conflict arises, features of the opposite sex on the part of one party play a role in persuading his or her partner to make benevolent decisions.

In contemporary terms, gender ambiguity is manifested in two types. In one type, the two sexes are combined into one hybrid gender identity, which contrasts with the concept of “bi-sexual ” which diminishes difference. The other kind of gender ambiguity is manifested as two sexes within the self, existing in various intensities depending on the individual. This type of gender identity neither eliminates difference; nor repels the opposite sex. rather, differences are intensified.


The novel Orlando written by Virginia Woolf deals with multiple persona and changes of sex. Like changing overcoats, one can select his/her sex. Woolf writes, “Orlando is just more openly demonstrating certain factors that exist in everybody but fail to reveal that much. Hence we have a dilemma here that both sexes need combination of features though they are different. The two sexes sway back and forth towards two poles in one person. The outward appearances are only maintained by clothes which cover up dramatic different characteristics on the surface.”

IN contemporary society many people seem to be struggling with issues of gender. Genders have become more and more confused due to new social realities such as Gay and bi-sexual love, cross dressing, SRS, virtual sex, etc. AS contemporary concepts of marriage, birth, sexual psychology, and social structure change, hybridity in gender and even the complete elimination of sexual difference will be features of human development.

In the future, many women may explore the possibility that they can multiply life independent of men and forever rid themselves of “the true fight inside vagina” through artificial insemination. Men may continue to get release from artificial intelligence and network virtual love. Test tube babies, self-cloning, and androgenic embryos are gradually becoming commonplace facts of life. In addition, birth control has the potential to completely separate sex from birth. The characteristics of both sexes continue to be gradually blurred by clothing and cosmetic surgery.

August 29, 2003




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