Apr 17

Feedbacks about Immaterialism from UWM students

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The second piece was by MA Yongfeng in the Beijing Zoological garden. It’s called Immaterialism of Garden. The piece is 200cm by 120cm and is from 2005. The whole piece reminded me of going to a museum and seeing something on display. The bright greens captured me and took me in. The piece was made up of dirt, branches, leaves, ropes hanging, a small cage, and a lighted projected on the image from above. The things in front of the backdrop were very real, but it contrasted with the backdrop, which was painted, but the colors fit perfectly to blend with its surroundings. There were a lot of earthy colors used like, green, brown, yellow, and black. The branches were very detailed, along with the rope, but the background was blurred out a little and kind of faded.




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