May 8

Chicken’s Egg, Polished, Raw, Size 0, 1994
Exhibition at Kunstmuseum St. Gallen 1996

The operation of sanding down and polishing the rough, dull shell of a chicken’s egg then placing it on a plinth transforms this profane object into an almost transparent sculpture. It mirrors and absorbs its surroundings, and at the same time exposes something of its inner self – in the soft tinge of yellow that is visible where the egg meets the plinth.

K. S.



People 1:10, 1998-2001
3D bodyscans of the living person
FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling), Rapid Prototyping, ABS (Acryl-Butadien-Nityl-Styrol), Airbrush

People are laser-scanned using a bodyscanner that employs a 3D photographic process originally developed for the fashion industry. Their data is then sent to an extruder, which recreates their body shape slice-by-slice in plastic. It is a lengthy process, but it results in an exact reproduction of the person in question – a three-dimensional self-portrait in a pose chosen by the subject. The figure is produced entirely by mechanical means, and the replica stands in the middle of the exhibition as if transposed directly from the real world. This process was developed especially for this project, in which it is being used for the first time.

K. S.




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