Apr 17

a blurb on PS1 Museum in NY

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It's always a mystery to me how that we never had shows like this in HK, and people abroad sees more new Chinese artists than we do. However I do want to say that PS1 (public school one not play station one) might be the coolest comtemporary art museum ever, just because every Sunday afternoon they have a "Club" starting in the afternoon until evening. You pay 5 bucks, and then there is live bands, DJs, beer and you can walk around the converted school looking in all the different classrooms at contemporary art. Unlike in the biggest museums where they have "Friday Night Jazz," this museum has "Sunday Afternoon club day." It was surely one of those extra memorable places I have ever been, filled with hip-hop boys, manhattenites, families just out for the day, drag queens, tourists, artists, wanna bes, williamburg's hipsters and just a nice creative cross section of people one might find in New York.

Next to the place is an art space, a pretty run down ex factory building that there are studios, public access TV rooms and general chaos. Then if you climb up to the top floorr, you will find a view of Manhatten and a whole few thousand feet area covered from floor to walls, of graffitti art. Which is the spot that in swap of learning the basic "Six step" of breakdancing, I taught a bunch of guys from Queens to do the "Six steps of Ballet." Awesome....





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