Apr 18

6e Festival de cinéma asiatique de Tours China Arts Program

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David Kidman Work In Progress

The two girls in question are filmed from up in the Gods at the ice rink, the camera following them round a myopic voyeur with stereoscopic problems. From the one girl dancing round with her double we find that there are two girls, imitating their elders, training for the big day. All the ambiguity of the viewer is brought to the fore when we note that they are not the only 《Two Girls》 in the ice rink. A glimpse of two other, out of focus, objects of desire, gives the lie to the idea that we are watching a simple transcription of the poetry of gesture and innocence. Ma Yongfeng introduces this session with a piece which advances a recurrent theme in the video art that characterizes the most pertinent work in China today, that of the duplicity of simplicity.




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