Oct 18

Goddess of mercy

Updated: 2007-09-17 11:28

Tian Qinxin, Chinese theatre director presents her latest production at the Centenary Hall of Peking University on September 13 and 14. The title of the play is complicated: Guan Shi Yin, to Chinese people it means the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva or Goddess of Mercy. And the play is about a young woman's expedition in looking for the Goddess of Mercy. But director Tian says it is not a religious story. She interprets the title by separating the three characters: "Guan" means observe, "Shi" means the world and "Yin means sounds from the world and from people's inner hearts. In her eyes, the play reveals a soul-searching adventure taken by the young people in today's metropolitan.

The young woman suffers from the parents devoice leaves home to look for Goddess of Mercy. Along her way, she meets a variety of people, each of them have their own confusion and all look for happiness, freedom, harmony or balance of life. They finally realize that the person who has the ability to help them to solve problems do not exist in the legendary, in stead, the problem-solving persons are themselves or just ordinary people in life.

Tian said when the playwright Yang Kui went to her for a play called Guan Shi Yin, she took the mission in awe.

"I am interested in religion but don't think I can handle a religious production. So we try to find a way to tell a story having little with religion but concerns people's soul and mind," says Tian.

She invites dancers from Beijing Modern Dance Company to choreography for the play and train the actors and actress in body movements. The play will also feature multi-media impact designed by the US-based artist Ma Yongfeng. Composer Jiang Jinghong creates clean music for the play.

"It's a brand-new production in many ways. I never seen similar one in China's theatres. For sure, audience will get a strange but interesting theatre experience," says Shao Zehui, assistant director of Tian.




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