Apr 18

Report from LA Weekly,Los Angeles

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In the Fast Lane

Holly Willis

Culture jammers have responded to this year’s presidential campaign with a deluge of videos cobbled together out of stolen and hacked imagery, all of it condemning, ridiculing and generally resisting mainstream political hype and stupidity. Their work forms just one strand in this year’s four-weekend L.A. Freewaves Biennial Festival, which kicks off with more than 30 simultaneous video projections and installations centered on the festival’s theme, “How Can You Resist?”

In response to the question’s dual connotations, the first weekend is a dazzling mix of overt political resistance and subtly seductive work. Highlights include Words at Hand, digital graffiti created by Ben Shaffer and Tenzin Wangchuk, in which the artists project text onto MOCA’s exterior walls, as well as Bonita Makuch’s video installation Strangers in Paradise, featuring images of Angelenos caught in moments of everyday distraction as they drift through the city in cars; Makuch adds text, provocative statements that briefly puncture the typical highway malaise. In Ma Yongfeng’s The Swirl, hapless fish suffer the turbulent effects of the spin cycle in a washing machine, suggesting the kinds of torture that take place around the world, while Kerry Tribe’s Untitled (Potential Terrorist) examines the faces of 29 people in one-minute “screen tests” that allow us to scrutinize facial features and align them with internalized racist stereotypes regarding what terrorists actually look like. The opening weekend also features a program of video art from India and Pakistan titled “Can We Make Nectar From Poison?” as well as “Dare To Exist,” composed of video art from Africa. The festival continues on each subsequent weekend throughout November, with videos screened at REDCAT; a collaborative event held with Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) on globalization; and a final showcase of interactive work in Chinatown, with the VJ duo Animal Charm, various performances, videos from China and a selection of subversive video games. How can you resist?

L.A. Freewaves Ninth Biennial Festival of Film, Video and New Media Opening weekend: MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary, 152 N. Central Ave., dwntwn.; Fri.-Sun., Nov. 5-7, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; opening reception Fri., Nov. 5, 8-11 p.m.; free ($10 daily or $6 per screening at REDCAT). (213) 250-3280.




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