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Dragon's Evolution - The BEST Chinese Contemporary Photography

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Chinese Contemporary Photography
Curated by Zhu Qi
May 10 - June 9, 2007

ChinaSquare New York
545 W 25th Street 8th Fl.
Chelsea Arts Tower
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.226.7836

50 BEST Chinese Contemporary Photographers:

Ai Weiwei 艾未未 Bai Yiluo 白宜洛 Cang Xin 蒼鑫 Chen Chieh-Jen 陳界仁 Chen Jiagang 陈家刚 Chen Lingyang 陳羚羊 Chen Nong 陳農 Chen Qingqing 陳慶慶 Chi Peng 遲鵬 Cui Xiuwen 崔岫聞 Dong Wensheng 董文勝 Gao Brothers 高氏兄弟 Han Bing 韓冰 Han Lei 韓磊 Hong Lei 洪磊 Huang Yan 黃岩 Li Wei 李暐 Lian Dongya 練東亞 Liu Jin 劉瑾 Lu Feifei 魯飛飛 Luo Yongjin 羅永進 Ma Liang / Maleonn 馬良 Ma Liuming 馬六明 Ma Yongfeng 馬永峰 Miao Xiaochun 繆曉春 Mu Chen & Shao Yinong 慕辰﹠邵逸農 Qin Ga 琴嘎

Qiu Zhijie 邱志杰 Sheng Qi 盛奇 Shi Guorui 史國瑞 Song Yongping 宋永平 Su Zhigang 宿志剛 Ta Men 他們 Wang Guofeng 王國鋒 Wang Jinsong 王勁松 Wang Ningde 王寧德 Wang Qingsong 王慶松 Wang Wangwang 旺忘望 Wang Yiqiong 王軼瓊 Wu Daxin 吳達新 Weng Fen 翁奮 Xiao Lu 肖魯 Xie Wenyue 謝文躍 Xiong Wenyun 熊文韻 Yang Yong 楊勇 Zeng Han 曾翰 Zhang Wei 張衛 Zheng Guogu 鄭國谷 Zheng Lianjie 鄭連杰 Zhu Yan 朱岩

Founded in 2006, ChinaSquare is located in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan. ChinaSquare’s 4,500 square foot space, part of the recently constructed Chelsea Arts Tower at 545 West 25th Street is the vision of Xu Tiantian, the architect for Song-Zhuang Museum, Beijing. ChinaSquare exhibits Chinese contemporary artwork including photography, painting, sculpture, video art, and installations. During its inaugural period of exhibitions, ChinaSquare will showcase artists, which include Liu Wei, Li Tianyuan, Cui Xiuwen, Ma Liuming and Chen Wenbo.

In recent years, the Chinese contemporary art market has experienced unprecedented prosperity and some artists have gained tremendous recognition in the international art world. Yet, many young and talented Chinese artists are still confined to domestic markets in China and remain virtually unknown to Western audiences. ChinaSquare was born from the need of established Chinese contemporary artists abroad to obtain credible representation in New York City. Through exhibitions and publications, ChinaSquare strives to improve the accessibility of Chinese contemporary art to art historians, connoisseurs, museums and cultural institutions, critics, foundations, collectors, and art enthusiasts. ChinaSquare works closely with this audience to facilitate and develop the careers of Chinese contemporary artists, both academically and commercially. Because New York City is renowned as a leading cultural and financial center, it provides a rich and profound setting for the introduction of talented contemporary artists.

Like Chinese contemporary art, ChinaSquare is young, ambitious and full of potential. ChinaSquare looks forward to significant collaborations with excellent Chinese contemporary artists and art professionals from around the world.




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