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P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in Queens, New York this season is featuring an entire section dedicated to Chinese Contemporary art (particularily video, probably due to easy travel and exhibition).

Though interest in China is all the rage right now for forward-thinking business workers and the global avant-garde, the world remains largely skeptical or ignorant of the rapid fire modernization that is happening.

This exhibit marks only the beginning of China's activity as the forefront of the world's future in modern living, thinking, and culture. A new young generation of citizens are taking on the world introducing new vitality to the world stage.

The exhibit demonstrates art that is distinctly Chinese that is not heavily weighed down by tradition or obscure exoticism (that maybe alienating to foreign viewers). It addressed many issues surrounding modern Chinese living and society including works by Guangzhou artist Cao Fei and a video featuring coy fish (a Chinese symbol of prosperity) being tossed about in a modern-day washing machine.


PS1 : 22-25 Jackson Ave., Queens, NY 11101
February 26, 2006 through May 1, 2006

(Long Island City, New York – February 10, 2006) P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center presents The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now, an exhibition featuring a young generation of Chinese artists working with new media and responding to the great socio-economic changes that are taking place in the country. The thirteen emerging artists and artist teams—most of them born in the 1960s and 1970s—will show twenty-three video works. The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now is on view from February 26 through May 1, 2006.

Their choice to work with video—a relatively cheap medium that produces rapid results—underscores the heady times they face. Unlike the earlier generation of Chinese artists who gained recognition in the 1990s, the majority of these young artists choose to remain in China, living and working in major urban centers like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. In these cities they experience first-hand the growing consumer culture and rapid urban development.

Though most of these artists have presented their work internationally, many of them have not exhibited in the United States. This exhibition will present, and in many cases introduce, some of the most exciting work produced in China today.

Artists in The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now are: 8gg (multimedia duo Jiang Haiqing and Fu Yu, based in Beijing); Cui Xiuwen (b. 1970 in Heilongjiang, lives and works in Beijing); Dong Wensheng (b. 1970 in Jiangsu province, lives in Changzhou); Cao Fei (b. 1978 in Guangzhou, lives in Guangzhou); Hu Jieming (b. 1957 in China, lives and works in Shanghai); Huang Xiaopeng (b. 1960 in Shanxi, lives and works in Guangzhou); Li Songhua (b. 1969 in Beijing, lives and works in Beijing); Liang Yue (b. 1979 in Shanghai, lives and works in Beijing and Shanghai); Lu Chunsheng (b. 1968 in Changchun, lives and works in Shanghai); Ma Yongfeng (b. 1971 in Shanxi, lives and works in Beijing); Meng Jin (b. 1973 in Chong Qing); Xu Tan (b. 1957 in Wuhan; lives and works in Shanghai and Guangzhou); and Xu Zhen (b. 1977 in Shanghai, lives and works in Shanghai).

The Thirteen: Chinese Video Now is co-curated by David Thorp and Sun Ning, Director of Platform China in Beijing.




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