May 25

Rave Forum at Li Space Caochangdi Beijing

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Opening 16:00 May 16th, 2009
Venue Li Space Caochangdi Beijing
Dates: May 15th to May 25th
Gallery opening hours: Tuesday- Sunday 10:30-18:00
Andreas Sell, BYC, Chen Gang, Gao Feng, Ge Fei + Lin Zhen, He Chi, Liang Bing, Li Songhua, Guan Wei, Ma Yongfeng, Sui Jianguo, Unmask, Wu Xiaojun, Wu Yuren, Xu Tan, Wang Xingwei, Xin Yunpeng, Xu Xiaoguo, Yue Luping, Shi Huangbo, …
Curator: Gu Zhenqing
Art director: Yang Li

The day before the exhibition’s opening, a discussion about Chinese Contemporary Art (CCA) took place inside the gallery during 12 hours long. More than 20 artists participated to the talk that focused mainly on Chinese contemporary art’s issues, its form, its meaning and its future and furthermore on different issues about Chinese identity.

Each artist produced a work for the exhibition; some of them have been produced during the discussion. Ge Fei and Lin Zhen asked seven people to repeat everything that the participants were saying, producing a disturbing echo. They planned to do so all the discussion long, but as it affected too much the discussion, they stopped after half an hour… It was really interesting to see the different participant’s reaction to the echo… some took it like a joke, others try to continue the discussion without paying attention to it, even it was really difficult, and some others adapted their way of talking to be able to keep their thoughts focused on what they were saying…

Ma Yongfeng did a performance sitting with 5 people around a table without saying a work during two hours, while the discussion about art was going on in the other room.

Wu Yuren used waste oil to write on the wall facing the entrance of the gallery “the art here stinks”…

During the opening Andreas Sell a German artist in residence in Beijing did a three hours long performance standing as a living sculpture in the exhibition hall.




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