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Dongxi - Things at Kunstverein Baden

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Dongxi - Things
Kunstverein Baden,Vienna,Austria
05/22/2010 - 04/07/2010

Cathy Busby. Can / Kerstin von Gabain. A / Chan Kok Hooi. Malaysia / Elaine W. Ho. USA / Ulrike Johannsen. A / Johann Neumeister. A / Ma Yongfeng. PRC / Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge. Can / Ralo Mayer. A / Shen Yi Elsie. PRC / Michael Yuen. Aus  & Yam Lau. Can /

curated by Ulrike Johannsen
Vernissage: Fri, 21 May 2010, at 18 clock
Es spricht: Ulrike Johannsen
Opening: Councillor Hans Hornyik

Dongxi mean a thing / object but also east and west.

The changes in China at an accelerated rate, the economic, political and social developments in all its contradictions and the almost industrial-looking art production Beijing into one of the most exciting places in the world.

Since 2008, the federal government maintains the Austrian there a foreign studio. The scholarship Ulrike Johannsen has months in Beijing spent some and now loads fascinating positions of international artists in the Kunstverein Baden, with different aspects of the city of Beijing and the PR China deal.

If the Culture Clash on T-shirts do want production of Chinese or You may be interested in what hutongs on the issue of cultural exchange to have a say Beijing residents, we would like to invite the exhibition at the Kunstverein Baden Dongxi visit. You can interactively walk through Beijing to take on Ronald Mc Donald in a traditional Beijing opera or on the DICA - Donkey Museum of Contemporary Art,

das am 21.5. Baden besuchen wird.
Treffpunkt ist um 18h vor der Galerie des Kunstvereins, Beethovengasse 7.




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