Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-12

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As I made my way through the entrance at the INOVA gallery, the first piece of the “Ruins” exhibit to grab my attention was a fifteen-minute video titled “Swirling”. Ma Yongfeng’s digital video loop shows six fish being poured into a washing machine and going through several of the wash cycles. As the Koi fish were being whipped around in circles, I began to wonder what Ma Yongfeng’s intentions were. This video can be seen as having somewhat of a metaphoric implication. The Koi, a symbol of wealth, are thrown into this washing machine, which can be symbolic of the constantly changing world. “Swirling” is a digital video that provides viewers with a visual understanding of the correlation between the idea of wealth in China and the economic development it has experienced.




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