Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-11

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As an aspiring art major, I notice that I am visually attracted to all forms of art from all different countries. This is especially true when referring to the differences between Chinese art and American art. After sitting through a guest lecture from Zhang Zhaoshiu and Ma Yongfeng, I became particularly interested in not only the art as a whole, but the thought of what these individuals considered art. I suppose not everyone will come to a simple conclusion to this question, but I don’t really consider Ma Yongfeng’s “swirl” art, as much as I consider it to be a thoughtless experimentation. I’m not going to sit here and list all of the reasons why this video is pointless like most others will, but I did try to analyze and or interpret what it meant. For the most part, the only way to really know is to hear it from the artists themselves. Nonetheless, these artists did trigger a sense of curiosity in me and made me wonder what the rest of new media and digital art in china looked like.

I visited the Ruins exhibit on March 12th, 2 days after the opening. Immediately upon entering the exhibit, I was greeted with the controversial video clip of the “swirl” on a large flat screen TV. It kind of made me laugh inside, due to the fact that I can guarantee this video offended nearly 90 percent of the class.




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