Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-09

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The piece that I drew the most attention towards Ma Yongfeng's "The Swirl”. This drew quite a bit of controversy and contrast between our cultures. It was interesting seeing this video again at Inova it was easier drawing my own conclusions about it and not being influenced by others opinions. The video appears to start off with around six living koi fish in some sort of pond swimming around. Not long after it starts to spin and you realize it is a wash machine. Tempers flared in the classroom, however, in the gallery I was able to look at it from another perspective. Going through the spin cycle in the wash machine, moving clockwise to counterclockwise, it stops after fifteen minutes and begins to drain. Shockingly, after the spin cycle, as the water drained, some fish laid lifeless and others twitched their last breath.




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