Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-08

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As well as many photographic artist there are some video artist exhibited in Ruins. Most notably Ma Yongfeng, whose video Swirling is well known in the international art community. It shows six Koi fish placed in a washing machine. The machine cycle begins with the lid left open and the camera positioned to give us a birds eye view of the fifteen minute cycle which the Koi fish endure. It is unclear at the end of the cycle when the water is drained whether all the fish survived the ordeal as only three of them flop around at the base of the washer. As the rest of the work in Ruins, Swirling gives us a complicated view of contemporary China. A pervading sense of loss and bewilderment comes across from these artists as they watch their country progress into this century as a global superpower.




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