Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-07

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As I watch the digital video “The Swirl” I see why this piece and others by Ma Yongfeng, have been exhibited internationally. The piece is very, very interesting and unique. Although, not shown at the exhibition, Ma Yongfeng’s other work (displayed in the Art 118 lecture) showed just as much uniqueness and enthusiasm. The piece is 10-15 minutes long and is very simple. It is the observation of 4 or 5 gold fish being washed in a cycle, in a washing machine, hence the title “The Swirl.” For the first few minutes or so, the viewer observes water filling the tub, and afterwards there’s a combination between water rinsing in and out from 4 different, and an agitating tub, back and forth from left to right.

The piece is so interesting and so different, but yet so controversial. After watching the piece being previewed in the Art 118 lecture, a good number of my fellow pupils were very disgusted. From what I can gather, they must have been against the treatment of the fish within the piece; one guy, as soon as the machine started to agitate, got up and yelled, “This is bullshit, how is this art?”, and stormed out. Others that chose to stay, but who were still disgusted, said things such as “Oh, that’s not right, give them some water; they’ll suffocate.” I can knid of understand their concern, but at the same time, its not like they were witnessing the murdering of animals or anything. I personally believe that the composition mixed with the suspense of the subject matter combines for a great scene. There’s also a strong contrast between the grayish, silverish metal, the clear water and the vibrant sparkle of the goldfish, especially when one watches the first few minutes of the piece, where the fish are moving limitedly back and forth. I definitely found this piece to be one of the most innovative, at INOVA; The only problem I have with it (and it may very well be metaphorical) is that I don’t understand what this piece has to do with the theme of “Ruins,” other than that the piece was excellent.




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