Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-04

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The Ruins exhibition may be called a success, a very good show at the opening of the gallery made it quite difficult to take in all that was there for show. It was a very close knit showing, all the pieces seemed to flow well together. This was a great exhibit for the UWM Gallery. No one piece stuck in the minds of others quite like Ma Yongfeng’s The Swirl. This was a fifteen minute video installation that featured the washing of orange Koi Fish was quite disturbing. The video starts with a camera placed above an open washer filled with six or seven Large Koi fish. As the water rises, the fish swim along as they would in a normal pond, but when the water stops filling, the cycle starts and the fish are tossed about. The camera remains above the washer through the remainder of the cycle. As the cycle comes to a stop, the water drains and leaves the Koi without water in the washer; Ma Yongfeng then slowly fades out leaving us to imagine what happened to the fish.




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