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Uncut Talks-a sound magazine with uncut contemporary voices

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Uncut Talks-a sound magazine with uncut contemporary voices



《未剪辑》声音杂志是Forget Art 20127月发起的一项针对当代艺术和社会创新人士的声音访谈项目,所有的访谈均来自未经剪辑的原始声音。通过SoundCloud上设立的声音平台,我们试图通过对不同个体的声音采样,来展示这个时代复杂、多元和不确定的一面。《未剪辑》同时也是一种社会行动,它相信声音就是一种思考和抵抗的模式。通过声音的传递和分享,试图重现一种实践的现场和情境。


该项目由中国艺术家马永峰、意大利艺术家Alessandro Rolandi和英国批评家Edward Sanderson共同发起。






UNCUT TALKS is an act of faith in the spoken word and in its emancipatory power.


This open platform collects, and makes available for everyone to listen to, hours of conversations among interesting people in China and around the world on some of the most challenging and provocative topics of our time.


UNCUT TALKS will provide an un-edited, raw archive of opinions and ideas coming from individuals engaged in experimental fields such as contemporary art, social innovation, etc.


UNCUT TALKS happen between two or more people and grow organically around a few, previously selected keywords, lasting between 40 minutes to 1 hour. 


The tone and quality of the conversation is neither directed nor moderated.


This project is born of the collaboration between artists Alessandro Rolandi and Ma Yongfeng, and art critic Edward Sanderson.


Please click on the following link to listen if you want to know more about this project.

About Forget Art



Since 2009 Forget Art has launched a series of intervention-based projects in public bathhouse, temple, factory, street, and magazine’s paper space, one of projects which happened in a public bathhouse at Caochangdi, Beijing in September 2009 has been nominated BEST OF 2010 - The Artists’ Artists by ARTFORUM and 2010 Top Ten by Artinfo. It is “A show where no works were labeled and most blended right into the context of its non-art site,this exhibition, curated by Ma Yongfeng, is only one example of a younger circle operating apart from previous models of contemporary Chinese art.” This light intervention project through artists’ collective action did not change the bathhouse excessively which all works feature in the bathhouse was not easy to find.




关于Forget Art的介绍



自从2009年开始,Forget Art已经在各种不同的替代空间展开了一系列的干预项目,包括公共澡堂、寺庙、外资工厂、街道以及艺术杂志上面。2010年的项目《地点:龙泉洗浴》被当年的ART FORUM杂志评为“2010最佳项目”之一,同时也被Artinfo中文网站评为2010年“年度十大展览”。这是Forget Art早期微干预系列项目的典型。30余位艺术家的作品出现在草场地的公共澡堂龙泉洗浴中,观众却感到几乎什么都没有发生(一如日常生活下潜伏的诸般真实)与以往艺术家对空间的完全占据不同,《地点:龙泉洗浴》主张对空间进行一种极少主义式的(而非侵略式的)干预。最近这个项目又被Blouin Artinfo








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