Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-03

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The opening of the Ruins Exhibition was a memorable experience. There were quite a few people at the opening, which made it sort of hard to get around to all the artwork. The artwork seemed to coincide with one another; nothing seemed out of place. One video piece that was rather disturbing was Ma Yongfeng’s The Swirl. This particular video started out with an opening shot of an orange koi filled washing machine slowing filling with water. Shortly after the machine finished filling with water, it began to spin. Swirl is an appropriate title for this work because as the washing machine spun around there were swirls of orange within the water. It became apparent that the fish were not just calmly swimming in a pond as they naturally would, but struggling through the abnormal currents created by the washing machine. This cycle went on for about 15 minutes. The washing machine stopped spinning and slowly began to drain the water, leaving the koi that seemed to have survived behind to flap around helplessly for about 2 minutes without water. The video then cut out, which one could conclude that the koi died but one would not know for sure, never the less it was very disturbing to watch animals suffer in the name of art. This project may not have been so bad if Ma Yongfeng could have found a way to use objects to create the same swirl rather than living animals.




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