Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-02

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“Swirling” a video by Ma Yongfeng held particular interest with many attendants of the show. The fifteen minute long digital video loop was displayed on a television screen in INOVA’s entranceway. Six Koi are dumped into an upright washing machine and churned around through several cycles. Orange forms twist and loop through the vigorous wash cycle, creating a kaleidoscope of shape and form. Not only is the video hypnotizing, its intentions are perplexing to viewers. At the end of the hypnotic wash cycles, the water drains and the fish are left to flop and struggle for several more minutes before dying. Why are these fish tortured so brutally, and why are we so apt to carefully watch? Viewers are overcome with guilt and are confronted with a metaphor for current events in China. Koi, a symbolic animal of Chinese prosperity, have become the victim of swift modernistic change (symbolized by the washing machine). Yongfeng has effectively created a push and pull between empathy and disgust, resulting in a dynamic conceptual interplay.




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