Apr 18

Feedbacks about The Swirl from UWM students-01

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Traditionally Chinese art is thought of as ancient calligraphy and artworks that are done in a very strict manner and passed on throughout many generations. While watching the piece of video art entitled “Swirl” I was completely surprised. It had the traditional Chinese element being the carp and I feel that by placing them in the washing machine was a bit controversial. This can be taken many ways by many viewers. I felt that just placing the carp into a washing machine was an interesting idea, for the fact that it was mixing a conventional Chinese symbol with a modern day top loading clothes washer. It seemed to be a nice contrast between the new and old and the ancient and the contemporary. The part that got to me was the fact that the artist actually turned the washing machine on, and had the carpe be put through an entire washing cycle was a little unnecessary. This may seem a bit cliché, in the sense that I sound like an animal rights activist. But I just feel that leaving them run in the machine for 15 minutes and then showing the water drain at the end of the video was a little harsh.
Art seems to coming in many new forms lately, some seem to be a little more controversial than others, one being the “Sensations” show that was on exhibit in New York City where a shark was placed in a pool of formaldehyde and then placed on display for the public to see. In September of 1999, Mayor Giulliani was pushing to get the exhibit kicked out of New York City.




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