Apr 18

Feedbacks about Video Installation from UWM students-09

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One piece that really impacted me was MA Yongfeng’s video. In the video, we see a number of different animals, whom all appear to be in cages, seemingly at some kind of zoo. The main focus of the video seemed to be the caged gorillas and animals viewed through a circle. We follow the gorillas through numerous shots, one of which seems to be carrying a baby on her back for protection. To me, this video seemed to be trying to show us the grim life of living in the zoo and how it is to be caged. I think that this is symbolic for China. The artist might have felt caged or trapped somehow, unable to escape from his life in China, or the changes which are occurring, or something else that he cannot escape from. Similarly, when I went upstairs, MA Yongfeng also had a digital piece “Immaterialism Garden”, of what looked to be a monkey cage. I could tell right away that it was done by the same artist, and trying to relate the same message. The message of a cage, and some fate of which you cannot escape. This artist was by far my favorite; simply because he expressed his feelings in a way that did not just take digital photos or still frames, he sent his message out using something else; animals at the zoo.




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