Apr 18

Feedbacks about Video Installation from UWM students-08

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I found Ma Yong-Feng’s “Beijing Zoological Garden” to be very interesting. I noticed many different skills and techniques being used in the film. The first thing I noticed about the video is that while I was watching it I felt a sense of anticipation. I felt like I was waiting for one of the animals to go crazy. After watching more of the film I realized that the animals were not going to go crazy. However, I felt the anticipation of something to come. I then tried to figure out why the film was giving me this reaction. The first thing I noticed was the music. The music that was playing gave it a dramatic mood. Another thing I noticed was that the film was in slow motion. The slow motion gave the film a dream like atmosphere. It gave the film an appearance of something from another world or dimension. The next thing I noticed was the colors. The hazy greenish tinted color were colors that you do not normally view things through. The color selection that the artist used also made me feel anxious, but it reminded me of colors from a dreamy state. Since the picture you were viewing was in a circle some of the image was always cut out. This also added to the mysteriousness of the film.




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