Apr 18

Feedbacks about Video Installation from UWM students-07

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One piece which can be interpreted in many ways and sympathized with across cultures is Ma Yongfeng’s “Beijing Zoological Garden,” 2004. The video gave the viewer a tour of this zoo and the animals that presided in the manmade habitats. In a small rectangular room, the movie was projected on the wall through a circular lens giving a far smaller viewing radius then one might see in a small movie theater. This forced one’s focus to view only what the small viewfinder allowed. The circular view gave the room an even more confined feeling, which might make one sympathize with the animals in the video. One almost felt like he or she were too inside a zoo exhibit with people constantly crowding in the room itself trying to see the video. Animals ranging from monkeys, flamingos, and parakeets to giraffes and pandas were all shown in cages that seemed too small. Often time the animals were eating or pacing around in the cages. The birds didn’t have much room to fly and the giraffes had very little room to roam. This clearly emphasized the theme of the exhibit, for wild habitats are depleting in China (cited in Ruins pamphlet) as around the world. Perhaps the artist related to these animals, for China’s traditions are much like the panda’s habitat, slowly diminishing.




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