Apr 18

Feedbacks about Video Installation from UWM students-06

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“Beijing Zoological Garden” by Ma Yongfeng is a video that is filmed in a way that is ominous. He takes an everyday activity like a trip to zoo, and uses film techniques and music to convey a more serious message. He creates tension by filming through a narrow circular lens which gives every scene a foreboding feeling. The music sounded like long drones that one might find in a horror film. This was accompanied here and there by brief chiming sounds that lighten up the overall heavy feeling. This film gives a claustrophobic feeling that left the audience feeling as caged as the animals they were viewing. Ma's concern is that man eventually will be constricted to an artificial way of life, much like the animals of a zoo. Ma succeeded at bringing his chilling vision to the screen by portraying a cold bleak scene, punctuated by dark ominous music, that no one would want to live.




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