Apr 17

Feedbacks about Video Installation from UWM students-04

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The first piece I saw was a 20 min video by Ma Yongfeng called “Beijing Zoological Garden (2005).” This video pretty much takes you on your own trip to the zoo, only there’s something strange about it. The Circle peep-hole like shape of the view makes you feel like a hunter, or stalker. The music is suspenseful even, really felt like something bad was going to happen at any minute. The animals seemed to be moving slower than normal, and the creepy music made me think this might have been about endangered animals at the zoo. After about 10 min watching these different animals, I could even swear I smelled animal feces, like I was really at the zoo.

I was kind of disappointed that there weren’t more videos to view. However, I would like to say something about the video we saw in class with the fish. I really liked the orange shapes, and the movement of the color of the fish in the wash cycle. If you can look past the fact that these are live fish, you can actually really enjoy the beauty of the video. I also took in the idea that goldfish don’t live very long, and that makes me assume that koi might not either. This film also could have been symbolic for the cycles of life, and that life is short. It all depends in how you choose to view it. Even though it might be wrong of me to think so, it was a very interesting idea that I enjoyed. It made me think.




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