Apr 21

Picking Through China's Ruins

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Independent critic/curator Zhang Zhaohui brings a diverse array of Chinese artists together for the Ruins exhibition, hosted by the Institute of Visual Arts (Inova) at the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this month. Featuring 40-some works by eleven mainland artists, including Chen Qiuling, the Gao Brothers, Liu Jin, Ma Yongfeng, Liu Wei, and Zhang Dali, the exhibition engages question of modernity and change in contemporary China. “Each work tells a certain truth, based on the individual artist’s perspective and observation, about contemporary China,” explains Zhang Zhaohui. Investigating the problems emerging from the rapid urbanization of China, Ruins examines the attitudes towards the past of these younger Chinese artists, who grew up in the midst of China's massive socio-economic transformation, and their apprehensions about the future. Using new media to document China's changes, this group of artists, in the curator's words, "pick through the debris of China’s recent and distant past, observing a wide range of ruins, from China’s traditional culture, to industrialization, patriotism, and revolutionary ideals, and consider the possibility of building a new cultural identity on the ruins of the past."

Exhibition runs from March 10, 2006-May 14, 2006

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