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reactions from MAF2004

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Dear sir:

Here are some reactions from Thailand New Media Art Festival , They mentioned one of my works, Because Thai audience was impressed by several works. The followings are selected from http://www.netartreview.net/ pls try to find at


NEW.WRITING: : Isabel Saij interviews Francis Wittenberger, who curated and managed the Media Art Festival 2004, (MAF04) in Bangkok, Thailand, 20-28 March, 2004.

BY: Isabel Saij, with Francis Wittenberger

POSTED: Monday 07 June 2004

IS: Be specific – What were the expectations and reactions from the viewers regarding the creations of European/U.S. artists?

FW: Our Thai audience was impressed by several works--mainly I would say due to visual attributes. And here are a few examples:

Alfred Banze, Banyan Project, Germanycomment: "It’s nice to see so many people around the world collaborate in one project." (multinational project, performances)

Natalia Borissova, series of graphics from VJ performances, Russiacomment: "Cute images!" (reaction to pixelated c-prints )

Hermelinde Hergenhahn, Day in Day out, Hollandcomment: "Wow, so much machines but the concept is good." "How much all this cost?" (video installation that recorded events during daytime and projected them to the street back at nighttime)

Kris Delacourt + Nico Dockx + Peter Verwimp + Christopher Musgrave, Building Transmissions, video and noise music performance, Belgiumcomment: "Interesting, but I don’t understand" (reaction to noise performance; also, some people could not stand the flickering visuals).

Ma Yongfeng, Swirl, video art, Chinacomment: "Did the fish die?" (video showing goldfish washed in a washing machine for 15 minutes, a statement over condition of artists in china)

Calin Man Esoth Eric interactive installation, Romaniacomment: "I do not know how to play this game" (computer installation, unexpected digital interface)

Przemyslaw Moskal, Virtual and Real: K-Dron and Light, interactive 3D in shockwave offline version, USAcomment: "This is amazing!" (real time 3D graphics)

Anouk De Clercq + Anton Aeki + Joris Cool, Building, video, Belgiumcomment: "Wow, I never thought architecture can look like art." (3D model of architectural interiors. Only walls, columns, no other props, lit by moving light sources. Perfect motion compositions, perfect rendering, black & white video)

Juhani Koivumäki, Self-portrait, video, Finlandcomment: "Do you think Thai people will understand what you were going through?" (finish director express mental issues on film, hard and personal)

Christian Hogue, motion graphics, video/lecture: where industry meet the arts, UKcomment: "This is very good and very interesting." (reaction to hi-end motion graphics presentations, excerpts from art and commercial special effects as used in commercials)




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