May 16

Ma Yongfeng-Open Studio from 17 May

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Ma Yong Feng
21 February – 21 May 2007
Open Studio: - 17 – 21 May 2007

Chinese Arts Centre, 21 February – 21 May 2007
Open Studio from 17 May

ArtSway, 22 May – 22 July 2007
Solo Exhibition to run throughout August 2007

The work of Ma Yong Feng relates to aspects of animal culture, specifically in relation to man-made environments and topographic modelling. Taking the role of an anthropologist, Ma will research our impulse to cage and categorise as a basis of his investigation into the changing relations of natural history to post-colonial British Culture. He aims to look into ideas of anthropocentrism and its effects on animal habitats, and how humanity thinks itself as progenitors of aesthetic ideas.

During his PRODUCTION residency at Chinese Arts Centre, he has traveled extensively throughout the UK to numerous Zoos and Museums to study Natural History. On 17 May, Ma Yong Feng will open his studio to the public to show his work in progress. He will also include other recent photography, video art and animation that he finished before embarking upon his residency. His brand new work incorporates mobile installation that links to his previous photographic work. Featuring volcanoes erupting and floods, Ma attempts to encompass the phenomenon of re-mediation in contemporary art. In his cutting-edge interactive animation Ma highlights the relationship between everyday life and anthropology.

PRODUCTION is a new residency scheme that is a collaboration between Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester and ArtSway in Sway, Hampshire. PRODUCTION will attempt to bridge the Urban Environment with the Rural Environment providing an artist an opportunity to discuss this relationship within the confines of a split-site 5 month Artists Residency.




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