Oct 29

Interview from New Scientist

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Why did you decide to create the 'Hibernation' model/photograph?

From 2002 to 2007, I have created a series of work relating to aspects of animal culture, man-made environments and topographic modelling. During this period I have proceeded into more interdisciplinary, multi-domain exploration and research, ranging from natural history to animal culture and fossil archaeology in combination with long-term observation of biological habitat restorations, archaeological simulations, geographical models and displays in natural history museums. I have attempted to discuss “the status” of humans and animals, the relations between them, how the animal culture affects the human self and the relationship between artificial environments, natural habitats and aesthetics. Have humans become the Earth’s most formidable drive in species evolution?

How did you construct the model before you photographed it?

I built it in my studio located in the suburbs of Beijing. Before I try to recreate this artificial habitat I have seen a lot of displays and dioramas in museums and made many drawing about reproduced
Interior space. It really spent a lot of time to do it, because you have to paint some backgound, collect some trees and branches, build one shelter for animal, clarify which kind of fake snow will have a fantastic visual effect and at last arrange all these elements together perfectly. sometimes you have to adjust many times.

What are you trying to say about natural science to viewers who look at 'Hibernation' and other works?

I don’t want to say something about science, maybe it’s a representation and transformation of natural science, as you know different context and enviroment can redefine original things. On the other hand I think when viewers get fascinated by the image at first sight, they will ask themselves
In their mind, and they are not going to categorise this, whatever it is art or science, at least I try to provide an alternative experience for them.

What are you trying to say to scientists with 'Hibernation' and other works in The Cretaceous Period?

Everything undergoes transition, sometimes science can’t solve any problems in the world, that’s why we have to rely on art and religion, I believe that the most critical discovery in the history of science has got inspirations from artistic concept like Newton and Einstein’s theory,at the same time art also try to absorb new ideas from natural science.

What was the most exciting discovery you made about natural science during your five-month residency?

As a matter of fact I have not found something interesting until now, you know, sometimes natural history museums seldom change the displays, when you try to get there, most of time I am fed up with this situation, so I try to make my “museum displays” in my mind and then take some pictures about them, It looks like a child’s imagination, but I found it’s fantastic to do it.




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