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Disorientation II

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The expectant exhibition 《Disorientation II》 held on the day of 8th Mar 2008 is the continuance of 《Disorientation I》 in 2006. Because the inner pattern of the place, voice and space of the exhibition field was modified last year, the exhibition of 《Disorientation II》 will be more suitable to co-performances of the three artists, including Jin Feng, Liang Wei and Ma Yongfeng in the aspects of exhibition displays. The word “Disorientation” refers to an existence state of being both mixed and individual. It will never walk in the same direction; it’s an existence way of the individual in the group. If it is shown in the aspect of the art, it means that the few things can avoid being influenced by the ideology in present social background, while the artists tend to develop with the direction of individualization. The exhibited works of the three artists seem to be of no connections to each other: the works of Jin Feng are of individualism of idolization, while the works of Liangwei are new typed paintings under the background of industrial society, and the works of Ma Yongfeng are partial to studying the photography and the media science. The whole exhibition will show the different person conceptions, styles and the considerations formed during the works finished by the three artists coexisting on the similar joint of the artistic ecological circle under the macro background of multiple typed contemporary arts.

The works of Jin Feng have shown us the unconscious existence states of the students dominated by the systems under the background of classrooms. With the experiences of teaching in college for over 10 years, the artist Jin Feng has special perspicacity to the routine activities and the life habits of the students, while his passion to the students are unforgettable, which is also the comparatively big part of his personal experiences. With the insight of transferring the identity of teacher to artist overseeing the activities of the students, he has shown a special studying through the pictures, which is the a piece of the” light” on the faces of the students reflected by the mirror. This was done on his own wishful thinking as the identity of teacher. In this time, Jin Feng took the student as an object rather than a human being to analyze. So the whole works have shown the features of the students with the comparative relations of the isolation to the unification, the individual to the group.

Adopting the measures of concept of multiplizationlism, the works of Liangwei have shown the personal imaginations after the over developments of super industrial society. In the paintings of Liang Wei, the transmutative technical products deprived of their original natures and the wasted industrial materials parallel, which shows the dense lines full of tensions and the highly pure color blocks; the countless shapes are heaped, overlapped, interacted and multiplied at random can give a visual shocks with feelings of violence. All these are the results of the over developments and extensions of the cities. The artist makes a special mental space between the objects and the painting appreciators with the comparatively cold color. From the aspect of the emotional masters to the form of the arts, both the sensibility and institution in the feelings of the line, the plane allocations of the volumes and the color applications have shown the feminization characteristics.

In each fields such as the political, economical, cultural and ideological one controlled more and more by the media, the contemporary society has gradually transformed into background constructed by the mass medias, so the world become more and more like simulated images. Artist Ma Yongfeng has made some models originated from the museum-displayed articles in some of his works with the photos made from photography. He usually chose the needed artificial sites in the museum, reappeared them with measures of arrangements, and then scenify them with the other measures such as the projections, paintings, sculpture or recording. The results are like the “super-real ” images depicted by Jean Baudrillard, who said: “the simulated image is not like an invention or a lie, it not only depicts a kind of absence as a kind of existence, but reduce the comparison to any reality potentially, assimilating the reality into its own self.” The super-media works of Ma Yongfeng between being a kind of photography while not a kind of such things are the copies after rechanging into images of the mirrors. So the arrangements in these works have became kinds of simulated images in this aspect, so the illusion and reality are mixed, while the reality vanished in the works.




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