Aug 6

Digital Passages: Journey Beyond Reality's Threshold

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Yuanfen New Media Art Space is honored to showcase the work of three artists who take us to the realm between the real and the virtual, between our conscious state and dreams. Yam Lau from Canada, Ma Yongfeng from China and Michael Yuen from Australia come together to present three unique new media experiences. Each artist, in his own way, takes us on a journey where we find ourselves standing upon reality's threshold, gazing beyond into another world - a virtual one. These virtual worlds have germinated within the minds of each of the artists and are revealed to us through each artist's unique, creative vision.

Yam Lau's three pieces in this exhibition (Scapeland, Crossings: in the space of day and night and Room: an extension) are journeys exploring seemingly mundane themes, but in fact, they are computer-generated virtualizations that complicate what we normally perceive as reality. Scapeland is a seascape video projected on a wall under a cloth canopy specially built for the piece. The canopy at once echoes both Scapeland's gossamer motif and the gallery's Bauhaus structure. To one side of the canopy is the gallery's new video mini-theater where one sits on benches or large Pilates balls to watch Yam Lau's Crossings. Traffic crossings are a common thing that we encounter in our lives every day, however, there is nothing common about Yam Lau's Crossings as it transforms the ordinary into a kaleidoscopic virtual ballet that moves to its own internal, surreal rhythm. Yam's third piece in the exhibit, Room: an extension, is a video playing on a 42-inch monitor that unassumingly hangs on its own wall in the gallery. The simple theme of the artist rising in the morning and walking around his apartment is rendered in such a way as to make us question our own perceptions as the scenes metamorphose into a series of revolving, virtual cubes. As we watch, the scenes morph in a way that suspends our established notions of time and movement.

Michael Yuen's Pulse is a sound and light installation that "lives" in a tunnel under the gallery's elevated, glass-bottomed lap pool. The pulsating light of a blue LED, accompanied by an electronic hum takes us on a path back to our mother's womb. The pressure of forty metric tons of water in the pool above envelops us in metaphoric amniotic fluid. The electronic beat echoes that of our mother's heart we heard as a fetus, calming us, emboldening us, giving us the courage to venture forth into an unknown reality.

Ma Yongfeng's two pieces in the exhibition share a common name: Transparency is Wrong. Ma, like Yam Lau, recasts the mundane into the magical through his technified vision. Transparency is Wrong 1 is a video projected upon the gallery's arched ceiling: an ethereal encounter with Chinese checker pieces parading across a black background, moving to some silent beat that isn't human. Transparency is Wrong 2 is a large (3.5m x 1.5m) photograph of floating images on a black background that appear to be, diamonds? Transistors? Only upon closer inspection do they reveal their true identities as crinkled up plastic sacks.

Yam Lau, Michael Yuen and Ma Yongfeng each help to break down our pre-existing perceptual barriers and preconceptions, allowing us to reach into new worlds. In turn, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves, of how we interact with our reality.

数码之旅: 至现实与虚拟之边缘

缘分新媒体艺术空间很荣幸的带来三位艺术家的作品展,这将带领我们去深刻体验虚拟和现实交替的艺术领域,让我们徘徊在梦境和现实之中。 来自加拿大的华裔Yam Lau (刘任钧),在中国土生土长的艺术家马永峰,以及来自澳大利亚的华裔Michael Yuen,他们三位一起即将给您带来这次绝无仅有的三个完全不同的新媒体验。每个艺术家,都在用自己的方式表现艺术灵感,带我们开始一个新的旅程,站在现实的门槛上,凝视着另一个世界 -- 虚幻的世界。这些虚幻的世界已经存在每个艺术家的思想中,同时也揭示给我们每一个艺术家独特,创新的表达方式。

Yam Lau 在这次展览中的三件作品《景海》《横道:白昼与黑夜》和《房间:附加》表面上看起来有很普通的常见的主题,但实际上,它们都是通过电脑制作反射到现实的虚拟映像。《景海》是一个海景视频作品,投影到专门为它制作的帐篷覆盖下的墙面上,帐篷是根据包豪斯建筑风格用薄纱材料制作的弧形结构。帐篷的一侧是画廊的一个迷你剧院,在这里要展览Yam的另外一个作品 – 横道,观众将会坐在长凳上或大的健身球上观看并享受作品。横道是来表现一个普通的现象,它描述我们日常生活中邂逅的一幕。Yam的这个横道作品是在街道上录制,之后创作制造出漂亮的像芭蕾舞剧一样的虚拟幻境,其中饱含了艺术家的精神,以及超现实派的韵律。Yam的第三部作品称作,《房间:附加》在缘分新媒体艺术空间里一面简单无装饰的墙面上,42寸液晶显示器中播放。艺术家简洁的表达了他清晨起床后,在房间四处走动的画面,这种意识形态的演变融入在一系列的旋转的虚拟方形之中,这让我们在探询自己的内在感受的同时,也对艺术作品产生了及大的好奇。







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