Apr 17

Feedbacks about Immterialism from UWM students

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The piece Immaterialism of Garden by Ma Yongfeng gives a bold statement about the Chinese culture. We view a small man-made ecosystem used to house animals, whose natural environment is being taken from them as a result of rapid urbanization. These ecosystems are made to ensure life to wild (or should I say domesticated?) animals. How many animals can fit and how long can it go until these 10 by 10 cubicles of life cannot contain anymore? The most intriguing part of this is the image of smaller cages inside the ecosystem suggesting that once all of nature is consumed, perhaps these mini ecosystems will be mashed for more urbanization. His film, Beijing Zoological Garden, reflects this same attitude, as we see slow pans of a zoo and it’s imprisoned animals, all with a dreary, brooding music.




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