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Access to the reality and hope

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Chang Suk Won

I saw many people who went to work in the morning when I had invited Beijing 10 years before. There was little signal lamps at the road and dust storm blew.In the day, there were a few men who had drunken and put on laborer clothes sleeping on the rear car. It seemed that they warned about foreigners because it was not long time that china opened to the outside world.

Beijing today have changed significantly. High building and apartments have been increased and we can see a large number of cars running out on the street. Also many shopping centersand Mcdonald's, SIMENS, IKEA etc. multinational companies and capitals are settled in and new economic municipal cities have come into being.The improvement of 798-centric china modern art have become an international focus recent years. China special modern pop as a core, it has brought up many Chinese famous artists. They had worked out high price works business and the booming of vigorous development appealed international views. How have china achieved so much significant changes in such a short time since Comrade Deng xiaoping announced that china open to the outside world? I was interested in such a miserable idea and invited Beijing. I have been to 798, Songzhuang,Caochangdi, Huantie, 318 etc Beijing art area for a few months. I have experienced tremendous scales and international influences, capability etc. Beijing is constructed as international modern art center rapidly. We can see the main stream in the 798 area where concentrates international art galleries. It shows the emergency of scales, quantity and variety etc. Here I saw Shirin Neshat's video works and the works of Yang xiaobin who was a famous artist that wrote a real works which introduced the story of dangerous coal mine. There held an architecture show and I saw the performance of Frog King who came from Hongkong. I saw Alessandro’s works. He came from Milan, Italy and had stayed Beijing 798 zone for about 5 years and made his decoration works. At there, I was acquainted with Chen Laotie who displayed modern nonobjectivism outstanding drawing works which drown out from traditional art. Fortunately, at this place, I also have seen Japanese woman drawer Megumi Shimizu who is famous for her real node performance at the European artist's opening show.

It was also happy time for me to watch the stage playact that is made by exciting and characteristic artist Zu Pingat Songzhuang ceremony period time. That stage playact was arranged at a studio and performed sexual ecstacy. Chen xi who introduced me to artist Zu ping, he was also in my heart. He is Songzhuang artist and good at drawing and painting of artist portrait.At that period, Tian mangzi’s solo exhibition was also inspired me. He painted one big apple on the canvas and thought that is the earth. He thinks that art is the way for doing new and innovative things. It is also my great fortune to meet a woman artist He chengyao again who makes great role in china performance history. She moved from Huajiadi to Songzhuang 6 years ago. She had been to Busan, Korea. She slivered fish and recited poem. The silence and performance on the sea remained deeply impression.

In Huantie area, I met artist Pan singlei who had taken part in banding head and fast struggle for democracy as a student of the institute of central art at Tiananmen event. He was located in Hongkong, NewYork afterwards and then went back to china and acted as an engraver. He have planed Chinese character viennial exhibition in Huantie zone recently. When he lived in Hongkong, Pan went to the Victoria park and painted all the body with red colour which was a symbol colour of china .He jumped onto the statue of queen. He was arrested and stayed in prison for one month at that time.

In Caochangdi area, I visited workroom of Ma yongfeng,the artist who deal with big size photo to work out traditional natural model and Chinese modernism, the values that happened because of the difference of concept in reality. He showed me a video that described goldfish breathing after whirling in the washing machine and the water had run out.

I deeply remembered all the memories that had taken place for last a few months. There were so many different art customs and other types that I had not felt in Korea. It perhaps one of Chinese section that positively be eager for the future and repeat at the social contradiction. Also perhaps it is an art prejudice that gathered the gorgeous light section which reveals to the outside with the section of gloom shadow existence. The normal function and abnormal function of country mechanism operates at the same time and it also desires Social stability and capitalistic prosperity simultaneously. So the artists could not avoid what to say and what to do here. The society that artists leaved just like the dead society. It is not a bad news to emphasize to say reality for Beijing artists and it is also regretful that only a few artists can say reality. If it was satisfied with gorgeous easily sale pop works, Chinese modern art would have no consequence at the end. Chinese modern art should not avoid the contradiction, when it brings to bear real art nature and creativity in the contradiction, it would have real power.

I explained the situation to the authors for exhibition objection as below. That is effective until to feel that Beijing’s winter is not so cold.

"Is Beijing winter so cold and it hardly bear? It seems that Beijing social order is ruled normally and stable. If a critic from Korea select artists whom working in Beijing and plan an exhibition, that means, he will be against with cultural situation that have taken place here. We can see the art international centralized situation that have taken place in 798 zone as the situation that come into being modern art center with the definition of Asia new economic zone center. It is not easy to form international art center naturally in Asia zone. It is perhaps the recognition of forming all Asia for one art pan. Asia art market's simplification and centralization appearance that taken place here will accelerate its speed.

Chinese modern art has short history and maintains so vigorous situation. It is incompatible and it reveals the shortage of Chinese modern culture. As the contradiction that we can not comprehend, it is not a problem when we see it in views of Chinese long history and unlimited capability. It will emerge sharply and perhaps reveals as a problem hard to suppress.

The art should be wake up in reality that the dominated capitals and power obstruct. The art should change them, this point is unchangeable. We want to feel very warm Beijing winter. Meanwhile, we wish this exhibition will be planed and remembered as a signal first step that will leading us to the warm place. "




如今北京的变化,令人刮目相看。高楼大厦林立,街上车流涌动。各种百货商店和麦当劳店面繁盛。随着西门子、宜家等大型外国公司和资本流入,成为一个新的经济中心都市。以中国特色的现代流行,培养出中国的明星作家,高价的作品交易和爆发性的活跃,能充分的吸引世界的注意。邓小平之后进行开放的中国,是如何在这么短的时间里,完成这些惊人的变化呢?带着这些疑问,我来到了北京。在过去的几个月里,我在走访798,宋庄、草场地、环铁、318等北京的艺术区时,对那里具有的规模和国际性、潜力感到非常震撼。北京正在快速的成为,国际性现代美术的中心。首先,集聚在798地区的国际美术馆及画廊的规模和数量、多样性,正在不断扩大。在这里可以看到西丽•娜沙特(Shirin Neshat)近期的作品,也可以看到杨少斌等著名作家,将真实性最大化的名为“后视盲区”作品。不久前举办的建筑双年展中,看到了来自香港的郭孟浩Kwok(Frog King,)的表现。而亚历山德罗(Alessandro,李山)5年前从意大利米兰回来之后,留在这里创作出的让人印象深刻的作品,也似在798看到。而且也是在这个地方,认识了陈老铁基于传统笔法之下的优秀现代抽象创作绘画作品。也是在这个地方,认识了将关于西方的作家开放性,认真的进行裸体表现的日本女性作家--清水惠美。

宋庄庆典期间,在一个作家开放的工作室中,看到朱乒(Zui Ping)关于男女性陶醉的具有个性和魅力的系列作品,也让我感到非常高兴。而让我认识朱乒的宋庄的作家陈曦,也通过描述艺术家们肖像的素描和油画作品,让我感到非常惊讶。这期间看过的田芒子的个展也给我留下了深刻的印象。他在大画布上画满了苹果,认为那就是地球。他认为艺术就是革新的手段。而我也感到非常幸运的能再次见到,在中国行为艺术历史上,起到重要作用的女性作家何成瑤。她在6年前的釜山,将鱼腹切开后朗诵诗词,对裸体的沉默和掉入海云台的海水中的行为,给我留下了非常深刻的印象。

在环铁地区我见到了,在天安门事件中,以中央美术学院学生的身份,头戴要求民主的头带,进行绝食抗议的作家潘星磊(Pan Singlei)。他在此后,曾经居住在香港和纽约,最终回到北京进行雕塑创作,不久前在环太举办了汉字双年展。居住在香港的时候,还因为在维多利亚公园,爬上女皇雕像上,将代表中国的红色染料倾倒在身上,因此被警察逮捕后,拘留了一个月。












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