Aug 12
Guerrilla Theater
live media intervention


Organized by Come & Go Art Center,

Beijing Modern Dance Company

China Oriental Foundation for Art

Curated by Ma Yongfeng

Artists: Katja Loher, Michael Yuen, Ma Yongfeng, Andreas Sell, Yam Lau

Date: 7pm-11pm,August 15-16

Venue: No.46,Fangjiahutong,Dongcheng District,Beijing


Polish director Jerzy Grotowski reduce the medium such as forms and element in drama, and first introduce the word ‘Poor Theater’ into the culture terms of 1960s. Today, what has been left to do in the theater after theater?

Perhaps the purest theater only exists in ‘Found Situation’, which merges forms into forms, concepts into concepts, things into things, situation into situation, and eventually merges lives into lives.

‘Guerrilla’ emphasizes the process. During the process, time and memory interlaces to look for the next location and control everything to unfold in medium.  

From minimal electronic intervention to animation hypnotism, from space hallucinogen to game theater, to the expansion of an existed situation, 5 new media artists take five different ‘guerilla strategy’

By Ma Yongfeng

Aug 8,2009

Artist Bio

Andreas Sell

Andreas Sell was born in 1977 in Bayreuth/Germany. Currently he´s living in Berlin and Beijing. Before he started studying fine arts, he absolved a four years actor´s training at the Studiobühne Bayreuth and a three years apprenticeship as stonemason/stonesculptor. 2008 he graduated from the School of Art and Design Berlin Weißensee with the major sculpture. In 2006 he received an annual scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to continue his studies in the MFA program in New Forms at Pratt Institute NYC.

By developing subversive action plans he intervened in different exhibition contexts, amongst others in Berlin at the Hamburger Bahnhof, the Old Museum, Bodemuseum, Pergamonmuseum, the Old National Gallery and during the 5th Berlin Biennale at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. 2008 he received the Mart Stam Award for most promising young artists of the School of Art and Design Berlin Weißensee. 2009 he received a postgraduate scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service to continue his artistic work in the People´s Republic China.


Katja Loher

Working in several different mediums and with a number of collaborators from around the world, New York-based, Swiss artist Katja Loher’s explorations of language and visual form come together in an assemblage of present technologies and dramatic sculptures. Translating, in poetic metaphor, the “ambivalent relationships between power, freedom and dependency,” she creates a powerful visual platform that pulls the viewer out of his current perspective and provides a broader perspective with which to address existential questions and present concerns in the world.

A multi-awarded artist, Katja’s video sculptures and installations have appeared at international galleries and institutions. In 2004,Katja Loher was the recipient of the TPC CreaTVty Award from the Swiss TV Production Center. In the last years she received several artist in residences, awards and grants including 6-month artist residencies in Berlin and New York.


Michael Yuen

Michael Yuen's work encompasses a plurality of media. He is known for a body of works making use of light, sound and performance. Over the past years Michael has divided his time equally between Australia and China, and in both environments his works have investigated the city and public space through events and interventions. His work is often temporary and situated outside engaging directly with the city and is frequently associated with interdisciplinary, public space and media practices.

Michael has worked with Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Melbourne) jointly with the Hayward Gallery (London), Adelaide International Festival of Arts, SSamzie Space (Seoul), Yuanfen New Media Art (Beijing), received Ruby Litchfield and AsiaLink awards. He has served on the InterArts board for the Australia Council of the Arts (2006/7). Michael divides his time between his native Adelaide and Beijing.


Yam Lau

Yam Lau was born in Hong Kong and is currently based in Toronto, Canada. He received his Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Alberta. His creative work explores new expressions and qualities of space, time and image. His most recent works combine video and computer-generated animation to re-create familiar spaces and activities in varied dimensionalities and perspectives. Also, Lau publishes regularly on art and design and is active in the local art community. Certain aspects of his art practice, such as using his car as an on-going mobile project space, are designed to solicit community participation.

Lau has exhibited widely across Canada, United States and Europe. He is a recipient of numerous awards from the arts councils in Canada. Currently Lau is a Professor of painting at York University, Toronto. In addition to his teaching and research, Lau also serves on the board and advisory committee on two public galleries. His work is represented by Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto and Yuanfen New Media Art Space in Beijing.


Ma Yongfeng  

Ma Yongfeng was born in Shanxi, China in 1971 and is a new media artist currently based in Beijing. He has exhibited widely across Europe, the United States and China – most recently in Chinese Video Now at P.S.1, New York, Becoming Landscape at Platform China, Beijing, and The Cretaceous Period at ArtSway, UK. He was selected for the Production Residency Scheme by ArtSway and Chinese Art Centre in UK from an exceptional shortlist of artists nominated by Chinese curators and professionals in 2007.

Ma came to international attention in 2002 with The Swirl, a video depicting six Koi carp being subjected to a 15 minute wash cycle in an upright washing machine. The piece was exhibited at MOCA at Los Angeles and PS1 in New York. Ma has continued to explore additional alternative realities between order and disorder in many of his video, animation, photography and installations.



主办:聚敞现代艺术中心 北京现代舞团 华亚艺术基金会


艺术家:Katja Loher, Michael Yuen, 马永峰, Andreas Sell, 刘任钧





或许最纯粹的剧场只存在于“现成的情境”(Found Situation)中,就是让形式淹没在形式中,让观念淹没在观念中,让事物淹没在事物之中,让情境淹没在情境之中,最后让生活淹没在生活中。




Andreas Sell

Andreas Sell 于1977年生于德国的Bayreuth, 于2008年毕业于柏林的Weißensee艺术和设计学院的雕塑专业。 在2006年他受到了德国学术交流服务机构(DAAD)的年度奖学金,以此他在纽约Pratt学院的新形式系继续他的硕士学习。

他在不同的展览上混入参观人群,进行有策略的表演,来对展览原来的含义进行了干扰。在2008年他被授予柏林Weißensee艺术设计学院Mart Stam奖项的最有前途的年青艺术家。在2009年,他得到了柏林学术交流服务机构的硕士奖学金并前往中国继续他的艺术工作。

Katja Loher

Katja Loher 作品使用不同的媒介,并且和相当多的纽约,瑞士艺术家合作过。 Katja Loher将她对语言和视觉形式的探索,以一种对当前的科技和戏剧化的雕塑装配表现出来。 用诗意隐喻角度来翻译这句著名的‘对于权利,自由和独立之间的内心自相矛盾的关系’,她创造了一个有力的视觉平台  把观众拉出了一般流行的解释,以针对存在的问题和当前的世界关注的角度,提供了一个更广阔的视角来诠释。

作为一个得到多次奖项的艺术家,Katja的录像,雕塑和装置一直在国际上的画廊和机构里出现。 2004年,Katja是瑞士电视制片中心的TPC CreatVty奖的获得者。在过去的几年里,她先后得到了多次的艺术家驻留的机会,奖项和基金,其中包括在北京和纽约的6个月的驻留交流项目。

Michael Yuen

Michael Yuen的作品围绕着媒体的多重性展开。 他以一系列以对光,声,和表演的使用而出名。在过去的几年里, Michael一直工作在澳大利亚和中国。在这两地,他的作品通过考察事件和干预来研究城市和公共空间。Michael的作品通常是暂时的, 并且在城市里的户外完成。 作品通常跨越多学科,公共空间和媒体实践。

Michael曾经合作于上海证大现代艺术馆,澳大利亚移动影像中心联合伦敦黑瓦德画廊,阿德莱德国际艺术节,韩国首尔Ssamzie空间, 北京缘分新媒体艺术,得到了路比里其菲尔德和亚洲连接的奖项。 他在2006到2007年其间在澳大利亚文化协会供职。 Michael在他的家乡阿德莱德和北京两地工作。

Yam Lau  刘任钧

刘任钧出生在香港,现居住在加拿大多伦多城市。 他得到了阿尔伯塔大学的美术硕士学位。 刘任钧的作品探索全新的时间、空间以及影像表达方式与特性。 把视频 和计算机生产的特效(CGI) 综合起来重新表现我们现实生活中的实际场景,但现实该实际场景的同时利用别致的,虚拟世界的眼光。除此之外,他也为艺术类杂志撰写文稿,并在艺术交流组织上非常活跃。刘任钧在艺术上面的一些实践,比如用他自己的私人轿车作为移动小型创作项目空间等,给社区和群众带来了一个交流和参与的机会。
刘任钧很广泛的在加拿大,美国,欧洲各个地方展览他的作品,被加拿大艺术界获许了众多奖项。现在Yam是多伦多约克大学的绘画教授。除教学之外,他还为两个画廊做委员会咨询,他的艺术作品仅授权给多伦多Leo Kamen画廊和北京缘分新媒体艺术空间。

Ma Yong Feng 马永峰

马永峰出生于1977年,中国山西,是基于北京的新媒体艺术家。 他的作品被广泛地在欧洲,美国和中展出。最近的展览有“中国现在录像”(P.S.1 纽约),“生成景观”(站台中国,北京)以及“白垩纪”(ArtSway,英国)。2007年他被短期提名在中国策展人和教授选出的艺术家中,之后被选参与ArtSway和英国华人艺术中心所合作的制作驻留项目。

从2002年作品“旋涡”起,马永峰开始得到国际关注。 录像“旋涡”描述了6条锦鲤在直立的单缸洗衣机内经历15分钟的环洗。这个作品曾经展于洛杉矶的当代艺术博物馆(MOCA)和纽约的P.S.1。 马永峰在作品中继续探索在秩序和混乱之间的多种不同的现实,这在他的录像,动画,摄影和装置作品中都有展现。
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