Social Sensibility R&D Program founded and directed by Alessandro Rolandi

Project n.2



date: april 25/26  2012

In Chinese industrial tradition, revolutionary quotes, generally from Mao’s poems, speeches or writings were often painted in large characters on the walls of the factories where millions of workers had to see them everyday.

MA YONGFENG will re-interpret this aspect of Chinese propaganda, creating 7 large graffitis in Bernard Controls Beijing.

The sentences will be chosen from random conversations with the workers or the managers, picked from the panels of the working rules, or from the factory’s safety procedures and other similar sources.

Each sentence will explore an aspect of  life inside the working environment:    the need to adapt to a strict control system, the human desire to evade and dream, the pression of efficiency and the humour to be able to deal with all this.

The walls of Bernard Controls Beijing will host a new subtle form of propaganda, the artistic propaganda for independent and creative thinking.

Social Sensibility Research & Development Program

is project by Alessandro Rolandi and Bernard Controls.

[Beijing, Feb 2012 – Feb 2014]

The Social Sensibility R&D Program is a biennal innovative strategic project with the aim to bring artistic research and creativity in contact with the working environment. It is structured around the idea to orient the artists’ work towards developing sensibility among workers, managers and the steering committee of Bernard Controls. Every 3 months, the program invites a professional of the creative field to deliver a project (any kind of media..) whose goal is to help developing new possibilities of human action and interaction within the factory. The long-term intention is to establish partnerships and collaborations with academic, financial, artistic and political structures to explore all the further application of such a model to the field of industry, social research and education.


发起人、总监:Alessandro Rolandi





时过境迁,马永峰对大字报的宣传形式也有他自己的诠释。为此,他将会在Bernard Controls的工厂墙壁上创造7个“大字报”式的涂鸦作品。



Bernard Controls的墙壁将会巧妙的变成一个艺术性的独立、自由和创造的大字报宣传墙。



[北京, 2012年2月--2014年2月]

社会敏感性的研发计划是一个创新的双年展战略计划,目的是带来艺术研究和在工作环境中的创造力。它是围绕一个观念,对艺术家和工人,管理者以及伯纳德控制设备(北京)有限公司(Bernard Controls)的委员会成员们一起工作时的理性思维的思想培养所创建的。每3个月,计划邀请创业领域的专业人士提供一个项目(任何媒体。。。),其目的是帮助发展在工厂内新的人类行为与互动的可能性。长期的打算是在学术、金融、艺术和政治结构上建立伙伴与合作关系,以探索行业、社会研究和教育领域的进一步应用模式。